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Trace Properties, LLC was started in 2004 for the purpose of buying and selling recreational land. Our focus is to identify properties in Lawrence, Lewis, Hickman, Giles and Maury Counties in Southern Middle Tennessee. We look for unique features in the land and are especially drawn to properties that have lots of year-round water and hardwood trees. After we buy the property, our experienced professionals then clear underbrush, develop road systems and makes sure nature is put on the perfect display. We, then, bring it to a park like state. Trace Properties and its real estate partner Trace Realty Group market the land to clients that love nature.

Robert Pulley and Edwin Lavender are principals in Trace Properties and share the passion for the beautiful pristine land. Pulley is the managing partner.

Robert Pulley

Edward Lavender



Our Mission:

  • To buy and sell pristine property with vistas, creeks, springs, and waterfront
  • To create value for our property investor
  • To preserve the natural beauty of land
  • To provide quality service and build strong personal relationships with our buyers and sellers
  • To maintain a fair and equitable return on our investments

There are seven things you MUST know before buying land in Tennessee.

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